401K Plan

SEIU sponsors two supplemental retirement savings (401(K)) plans, both of which currently utilize Prudential Retirement for overall administration and record keeping purposes.

Mailing Address for Plan Sponsor:
SEIU Benefit Funds – 401(K) Plans
11 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC  20036


SEIU Affiliates’ Officers & Employees 401(K) Fund / Plan ID:  764621

Officers and Executives of SEIU affiliated locals may elect to participate in the SEIU Affiliates’ Supplemental Retirement Savings (401(K)) Plan and offer it to members of their staff.  The Participation Agreement and pertinent plan information may be obtained from the SEIU Benefit Funds office by contacting Brenda Hildenberger, Benefit Specialist – either by phone (202-730-7520) or by email at Brenda.hildenberger@seiufunds.org.

Once an affiliated local (or ancillary group) has been accepted for participation in the Plan, Prudential will provide enrollment materials and instruction on how to administer the Plan via their website.  The Benefit Funds office monitors overall plan administration and coordinates functions between employers and Prudential Retirement.

The SEIU Benefit Funds office does all Plan filings and from time to time may request Power of Attorney from each participating local/group in order to accomplish same.

SEIU Headquarters Staff 401(K) Fund / Plan ID:  764618

Anyone on the SEIU International payroll or on the SEIU National Industry Pension Fund payroll may participate in the Headquarters Staff 401(K) Plan.  Enrollment is open year-round and there is no employer match.  Enrollment materials are posted to the SEIU Portal Page under the Benefits tab, and are also on the ADP Self-Service Portal for each payroll involved.  All completed forms should be returned to Brenda Hildenberger, Benefit Specialist.  Forms can be scanned and emailed, faxed to (202) 842-0046, or mailed.

Any questions about the Plan can also be directed to Brenda – either by phone (202-730-7520) or by email at Brenda.hildenberger@seiufunds.org.



STAFF 401k 


Mary Kay Henry, Chair Mary Kay Henry, Chair
Sharleen Stewart, Trustee Kevin Doyle, Secretary
J. Cameron Nelson, Canadian Trustee


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