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Living comfortably well into retirement is a very real concern for many American workers.  Benefits provided by the SEIU Affiliates’ Officers & Employees Pension Fund are a good start when added to Social Security benefits and other savings vehicles.  However, many Local leaders have opted to offer a defined contribution plan to their staff, as well.

There are currently 34 SEIU locals and affiliated groups participating in the SEIU Affiliates’ Officers & Employees Supplemental Retirement Savings (401(K)) Plan.  Each entity maintains participant documentation for audit purposes, and coordinates payroll contributions directly with Prudential Retirement.  To assist with the Plan’s legal and administrative expenses, each participating local/affiliated group is billed a modest per-participant fee on a quarterly basis by the SEIU Benefit Funds office.

For more information relating to the Plan or to find out how to participate, contact the Benefit Funds office.


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