SEIU Affiliates’ Canadian Fund

The SEIU Affiliates’ Canadian Fund covers all officers and employees in Canada on whose behalf participating organizations are require to contribute. Contributions are received from five (5) SEIU Local Unions and related organizations each month.  There are currently 265 active participants.  

  • Mary Kay Henry, Chair
  • Kevin Doyle, Secretary
  • J. Cameron Nelson, Canadian Trustee
  • Bill Dempsey, Deputy Trustee
  • Mike Fishman, Trustee
Mailing Address
SEIU Affiliates’ Officers and Employees Plan
11 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Legal Counsel
  • Manning & Russo, LLC
  • Cornfield & Feldman
  • Salter & Company, LLC
Consultants and Actuary
  • The Segal Company
Investment Advisers
  • Marquette Associates

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