STAFF 401K Fund

Plan ID: 764618

Subplan: To be referenced on all Plan forms and correspondence:

  • SEIU National Industry Pension Fund Payroll:   001
  • SEIU Int HQ Payroll:   002

The SEIU Supplemental Retirement Savings (401(K)) Plan is a defined contribution plan available to all employees of the Service Employees International Union International Headquarters, as well as to employees of the SEIU Benefit Funds.  A brief description of the Plan is contained here in the Summary Sheet. (HQ Staff 401K Plan Summary)


For detailed information regarding your Plan, please call Prudential Retirement at 1-877-PRU-2100.

Or you may access your account online at:

If you have not logged into your account since 12/31/2009, please register again.  The screen will have a box on the left, to LOG IN.

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Once you’re on your Accounts Home page, click on “SEIU Staff 401(K) Fund” or the “Go To” drop-down box, and explore!

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