Pension Plan for SEIU Employees

The SEIU Pension Plan for Employees (Staff Plan) is a multiemployer defined benefit plan.  The Staff Plan has been in existence for approximately 64 years. Contributions are received from the International Union and the NIPF (employer of the Fund Office employees).  Contributions are paid as a uniform percentage of gross salary, with the percentage determined by the Trustees following an analysis by the actuarial consultant.

There is also a Canadian division of the Staff Fund.  There are no active participants in the Canadian Staff Fund.  Staff Fund assets are held separately in Canadian accounts.

  • Mary Kay Henry, International President Trustee – Chair
  • Sharleen Stewart, Trustee
  • Mike Fishman, Trustee
  • Bill Dempsey, Trustee
Legal Counsel
  • Mooney, Green, Saindon, Murphy & Welch, P.C.
  • Manning & Russo, LLC
  • Salter & Company, LLC
Consultant and Actuary
  • The Segal Company
 Investment Advisers
  • Marquette Associates

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